If you have questions about times or stops, please call Alyssa at (352) 538-9758. There is a dry-erase board inside the front door of the school for parents to post if there is a change to their children’s after-school plans for the day. If you call with a change, PLEASE call before 2:00.

Printable Copy of Bus Schedule & Policy 

Morning Bus Stops

8:01 – NE 5 Ave & NE 9 St

8:05 - NE 10 Ave & NE 5 Terr

8:10 - NW 10 Ave & NW 4 St

8:25 - Westside Park (in front of Rec. Center)

8:42 - Haile Pool (SW 46 Blvd & SW 88 Ct)

8:58 - Jordan Glen

Afternoon Bus Stops

3:08 - Haile (SW 91 St & SW 45 Blvd - on the East side of the street)

3:30 - Westside Park (in front of Rec. Center)

3:45 - NE 10 Ave & NE 4 St

3:48 - 520 NE Blvd

3:50 – NE 5 Ave & NE 8 St.

Bus Safety 

Jordan Glen's school bus policy is designed for the safety of your child. Each parent and bus rider should read and sign the Bus Contract. This ensures that everyone understands the responsibilities and privileges of being a bus rider. 

All children should be met by their parent or delegate at the bus stop, and all children 2nd grade and under must be met at the bus doors. If someone other than the parent will meet a child, we require prior notification from the parent. After the bus departure time of 3pm, call the bus driver (538-9758) about any bus stop changes for your child. A student will stay on the bus if a parent is not at the appropriate stop, and if no one has met the bus by the end of the route, the student will be brought back to the school for aftercare. 

When riding the school bus, students should behave in an orderly manner; that is, they must remain seated and reasonably quiet at all times. While on the bus, students are responsible to the bus driver for their behavior.