Joel Email:



Joel Email:

It's been extremely entertaining hearing all the creative pieces that came from your brains and out your fingertips!  I'll see most of you next year, and I want to say Good Luck to our 8th graders who are starting high school in the fall. Make us proud!  Love, Joel

Congrats to Sidney & Sydney for each receiving an Honorable Mention in this year's Peace Poetry contest!  Their poems are published in the Peace Poetry books from said contest.  Photos and videos of the award ceremony have been posted at

Some more of our creative writing activities and prompts this school year:

5/18 Last class of school year! Joel will present awards to our class's winners of Vets for Peace's Peace Poetry Contest (Sydney & Sidney).

Odes: What will be your inspiration for your ode? We will write odes, choosing as inspiration a classmate, teacher, or parent, as we finish out the school year.

4/27 Color inspiration - Depending on your birthday, you will write a story involving a certain color, either yellow, black, or blue.

4/20 Story about a package - sending, receiving, or finding one. You decide.

4/13 Diary Entry - write pages 413-414 of 'your' diary.  You don't have to really be yourself, but you will write in first-person. 

3/30 Three Super-Minis: Students write three vignettes about Spring Break - two real, and one fictional - and the class guesses which one is the fake.

3/9/15 Peace Poetry:  We are starting to write poems for the 6th Annual Alachua County Peace Poetry Contest 2015.  Each student will submit at least one poem for the contest.  If you win or receive some type of honorable mention, I will reward you too!  See their flyer (click link above or read on door in Senior classroom) for more details, including:

peace dove

"Winners will receive a valuable prize and have their poems published in the 2015 Peace Poetry Contest Book. Winning poets will have the opportunity to read their pieces aloud at the public Peace Poetry Reading on May 9 in Gainesville."

Entries due to contest by March 20th.  Must give me (Joel) proof of your submission and also give me copy of your poem(s); can CC me if you Email your entires to the contest.


3/18/15 This Wednesday you will read your children's stories with your reading buddies, so don't forget to have your final draft on hand.  Turn it into me beforehand if you want me to proof it again.

2/23/15  Bring to our next class meeting: Write a final draft of your story so it's ready for you to read with your Reading Buddy!  Make sure everything is as perfect as possible.  If you haven't turned in a semi-final draft to me for review, it's a good idea to do so even though it was due by Feb 13th.  Make sure You AND a Parent or Older Sibling proof your story before you rewrite it and submit it to me.  Feel free to use the computer to type it; put it in my JG box in the says Joel.

Some of our creative writing activities and prompts this school year:

Creative Writing at Jordan Glen School and Summer Camp
  • Writing with description and strong adjectives.  Synonyms / Antonyms
  • Literary Devices:  simile, allusion, alliteration, consonance, personification
  • Active vs. Passive Voice
  • Trite / Idiomatic / Slang Expressions; Words to avoid in formal writing
  • Story about a child starting a new school from perspective of a popular or unpopular student
  • Six-Word Memoirs ('Say It All in 6 Words').  Perspectives: 1. Young Child  2. Now  3. Future You  4. of a Classmate
  • Halloween Horror Stories:  It was a dark...   We were driving through Starke...   She thought she heard a lark...   It was a sunny (or other) day at the park...
  • Create-A-Character contest for the Stolen Adventure series (Yay, Emi, our national finalist!)
  • Idea Clusters
  • Create a 'blessing' for Thanksgiving
  • Visual prompt:  child's black oxford shoe
  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas... (Clement Clark Moore's "A Visit from St. Nicholas") - Remake using same meter and rhyme scheme
  • 30-sec commercial for original product
  • Children's book / story to read with your Reading Buddy

2/9/15  Remember to turn in (this week by the 13th) your best draft of your children's book / short story for a final review.  After that, you'll have your own original story to read with your Reading Buddy, and I know (s)he will love it and be impressed with your creativity and writing skills.

Vote for Emi!!

She's one of six national finalists out of several hundred entries in the Stolen Adventure "Create-A-Character" writing contest!!

Read about the character she created - Janitor Lewis - and become a "Journey Member" in o...rder to cast a vote for Emi. And remember, Joel promised to match all prize winnings for this contest for Senior Class Creative Writing students.

From the judges: "Jordan Glen School had the most entries of any single school. As a token of our appreciation we would like to send a collection of the first four books in the series for your library."

Congrats Emi and Jordan Glen!


The Stolen Adventure “Create-a-Character”
Writing Contest

Remember, everyone must enter this contest by Mon 9/29. I will match all prize winnings, e.g. you win $50 = you win $100!

Here is a link to the rules, entry form, etc.

Following the format they provided, submit your entry to:



I suggest that you send me a few drafts for feedback before submitting your final entry.

Here is a summary of the previous books in the series to help you create a new character:



This is the first book of The Stolen Adventure series about the thrilling adventures of Luke Stolin and his search for the magical creations of the Danish inventor Soren Jacobsen. 

Luke is an average kid with an ordinary life.  He likes it that way, it gives him plenty of time to play video games and hang out with friends.  When a gift arrives from his Uncle Al, Luke couldn't be more excited.  Gifts from Uncle Al are always cool and this one is no exception, a package with a magical coin inside.  But this coin brings with it strange events and dangerous people.  Before Luke knows it his whole life is turned upside down, his brother Billy has been kidnapped and the coin is gone.  Now Luke must face the dangers of an unpredictable world if he is going to save his little brother and get back what is rightfully his.  But, as Luke will learn, life is not like a video game, there is no reset button and the consequences of our choices are very real.


The Quest for Curtana is the second book in The Stolen Adventure series.  Continue the journey with Luke, Tommy and Katie as they search for the magical creations of the Danish inventor Soren Jacobsen.

A powerful group, led by Luke's Aunt Janine, is on the verge of uncovering the secrets of a centuries old inventor.  Secrets that valiant men have risked their lives to protect.  The only thing that stands in their way?  Luke Stolin, his brother Tommy and his cousin Katie. 

The second book in The Stolen Adventure series finds Luke and his friends traveling the world to match wits with Aunt Janine and her nefarious crew.  All in an effort to protect the secrets that have been kept guarded for hundreds of years.  Will Luke be able to do it?  Will he be able to protect the last of the magical pieces and stop Aunt Janine in the process?  Read The Quest for Curtana to find out.


Luke Stolin's adventures continue with the third book in The Stolen Adventure series.

After traveling the world and facing life and death adventures at the hands of Aunt Janine, Luke thought his life was about to settle down.  Little did he know that the excitement was only just beginning.  Join Luke, Tommy and Katie as they continue their search to uncover the magical secrets of the Danish inventor Soren Jacobsen.  But as they will soon find out, they are not alone when it comes to this journey.   New faces are popping up everywhere.  Are they allies?  Are they enemies?  One thing is certain, you never know what to expect when the adventure continues.

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