Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing Jordan Glen as the school where your children spend much of their waking hours each day. We are honored by your faith and trust.

We at Jordan Glen are a diverse community--in many differing areas. We serve a cross-section of the greater Gainesville community and pride ourselves on our inclusivity. We know that for many, private schooling for their children is a sacrifice, and we are always trying to improve the education we provide so that we are able to give as much as we receive. We believe that your investment is a good one, and that in the life of a child, a Jordan Glen education will make a discernible difference. We have seen many of our graduates in these last 35+ years go on to not only great academic and financial success, but also to be happy and self-actualizing people, whom we believe make a difference in our world.

As Teachers, we feel fortunate to be able to spend quality time with such unique beings as your children. It is what we live for, what excites us, what defines us, and what we are called to do. Thank you for affording us this possibility; we are honored by your choice, and will do our best to be sure that your confidences are well placed. We are looking forward to a great School Year and wish a good beginning to everyone.




AuthorJordan Glen School & Summer Camp