Jordan Glen School & Summer Camp FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)

School FAQ

What is the philosophy of the school?

Jordan Glen School's philosophy is that every child is gifted, and while there are universal and predictable sequences of change in children, each child is unique with an individual pattern of timing and growth. Our commitment is to an educational program that values individual differences, to a process of exploration and discovery, and to meaningful academic study. We would like our children to enjoy their time spent away from home and feel that we exemplify our belief that the joy of living and love of learning need never be separated.


What qualifications do your teachers have? Is your school registered with the state?

Jordan Glen School is registered with the state of Florida. The faculty is made up of skilled and dedicated professionals, including Jeff Davis, who has been the director for 40 years. An educational program that is organized around the individual needs, skills, and interests of children requires a faculty with an unusual wealth of knowledge and understanding of child development. Jordan Glen's faculty members are experienced teachers and are skilled in providing a stimulating, challenging, developmentally appropriate curriculum for their students.


Where are you located and how do I get there?

Our address is 12425 SW 154th Street, Archer, Florida 32618. To find us from Gainesville, head west on Archer Road (turn right from NW 34th St, Tower Rd, or Parker Rd). Turn left onto 154th Street at the Jordan Glen School sign.


What are school starting dates and times?

For the 2014-2015 school year, the first day of school is Wednesday, August 20th, and the last day of school is Friday, May 22nd. The school day is 9:00am - 3:00pm. Most of our school holidays coincide with public school holidays.


What is your student-to-teacher ratio?

PreK's student-to-teacher ratio is approximately 7:1; Kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms is 12:1. Parent volunteers frequently provide additional assistance in the younger classes. Classrooms 3rd grade and up have a student-to-teacher ratio of approximately 15:1.


What grades do you offer? How are the grades divided within the classrooms?

Jordan Glen starts at the Pre-Kindergarten level and goes through 8th grade. The Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade children have their own classrooms. 3rd and 4th grade share a large room, as do the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Although each grade level separates for specific instruction in various subjects, students of different ages and grades assist and mentor each other.


How does your curriculum compare with that offered in public schools?

Jordan Glen provides a strong foundation in the core academic subjects, including reading, math, social studies, science, and foreign language. For academics, children are grouped by age and ability and may move from one group to another in order to meet specific learning needs. Foreign language and basic academic subjects are taught in the morning, with diverse electives offered in the afternoon. Also integrated as a focus of our school curriculum are sports and other outdoor activities, as well as performing and fine arts. 


What elective classes are typically offered at school?

Electives vary from year to year and may include activities such as sports, karaoke, African drumming and dance, nature exploration, pottery, ukulele, doo-wop, drama, tennis, swimming, sewing, computer programming, sushi making, basketball, chorus, gardening, Ping Pong, and Random Act of Kindness.


Are you accepting new teachers?

Currently there are no new teacher positions anticipated. You are welcome to send us a resume with your qualifications and experience for us to keep on file.


Is there a school bus? How do bus stops and bus fees work?

We have our own school bus which provides daily transportation to and from Jordan Glen. It also enables us to take field trips to places we feel will be interesting and enriching. Some of the places we have visited in the past include museums, zoos, post offices, libraries, fire stations, farms, Blue Springs, Crystal River, and St. Augustine. Bus stops are announced at the beginning of the year and are based on the locations of our students' homes. Bus service is optional and the fees are separate from school tuition.

Do you have an afterschool program?

Jordan Glen offers an Aftercare Program on the school premises from 3:00 to 6:00 PM on school days. This program provides children with a safe and enjoyable place to be after school.


Where do students go after graduating from Jordan Glen?

Most of our graduates enter high school academic magnet programs, such as Eastside's International Baccalaureate (I.B.) program and GHS's Cambridge program, while others directly enroll in the various public and private high schools in Gainesville and the surrounding area. High school teachers always comment how much they love their students from Jordan Glen, and what good students and nice and well-rounded individuals they are! The vast majority of our graduates continue on to college, graduate, and post-graduate studies with great success.


How much is school tuition? How is it paid?

Please call the school for current tuition and bus rates. After paying an enrollment fee in January and a down payment in September, the remainder is divided up into monthly payments throughout the school year. Tuition paid in full by cash or check before September 1 receives a 5% discount. An additional discount is also given for siblings.


What is the best way to contact Jordan Glen?

You may call Jordan Glen at 352-495-2728, or email us at


Summer Camp FAQ



What is the philosophy of Jordan Glen Summer Camp?

The main objective of Jordan Glen Summer Camp is for each child to enjoy his or her time spent away from home by experiencing a variety of challenging and enriching activities. We also seek to foster a healthy self-concept for each child in a caring and supportive atmosphere. Our competent staff will constantly strive to be responsive to each child's individuality as well as to the group as a whole.


Who are your campers?

Most of our campers come from area public and private schools, while others come from around the country and world as they might be visiting family in Gainesville or have a parent working at UF for the summer.  While the camp's de facto language is English, staff members have background in many other languages, and most of the activities require no language skills for the campers to participate and enjoy them. We have had campers and counselors from New York to California, as well as Korea, Spain, France, Israel, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil.


What is the age range of your campers?

The youngest campers at Jordan Glen are those entering kindergarten, while the oldest are entering 8th grade, typically ages 5 - 14.


What is the counselor-camper ratio?

Counselor / camper ratios vary depending on the age of the group of campers. In the youngest groups (5 and 6 year olds) there is approximately one counselor for every 4 or 5 campers. For the intermediate groups (ages 7-11) there is generally one counselor for every 7 or 8 campers. With the oldest campers (ages 12-13), there is approximately one counselor for every 10-12 campers.


How is camp structured? What classes and areas of interest are available for campers?

In the morning, everyone at camp meets together for "Morning Meeting," a time for discussing the daily and weekly events, playing games together, and getting to know each other. Throughout the morning, campers stay with their age groups for sports, arts and crafts, swim lessons, tennis, and group time. After lunch, campers pick two classes from a wide variety of electives, including drama, music, basketball, free swim, drawing, nature crafts, African dance, story time, needlecraft, sports, advanced tennis, t-ball, archery, and more.


How much is camp tuition and how is it paid?

Please request a brochure / application for current camp rates.  Bus transportation is optional and those fees are separate from camp tuition.


Is transportation available? 

We provide optional transportation from Gainesville on our school bus with stops in Haile Plantation and at Westside Park.


When is camp offered?

Camp usually starts the Monday around June 10th, after public school has ended for the year. Camp is divided into two three-week sessions; campers may enroll in either three-week session or both sessions for a total of six weeks.  The camp day begins at 9:00am and ends at 2:30pm.  There is no official before-camp or after-camp childcare option.  However, campers are welcome to arrive as early as 8:30am, and we would be glad to assist parents in making private childcare and transportation arrangements with camp counselors, which is quite common.

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