Frequently Asked Questions

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We believe that every child is gifted, and while there are universal and predictable sequences of change in children, each child is unique with an individual pattern of timing and growth. Our commitment is to an educational program that values individual differences, to a process of exploration and discovery, and to meaningful academic study inspired and guided by our natural environment. We would like our children to enjoy their time spent away from home and feel that we exemplify our belief that the joy of living and love of learning need never be separated.

Our faculty is comprised of dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds, some of whom were raised as Jordan Glen students themselves, and who now have their own children at the school. Jordan Glen’s teachers provide stimulating, challenging, and diverse curricula to spark interest. To understand the individual needs, skills, and interests of a child requires teachers with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of child development.

Our address is 12425 SW 154th Street, Archer, Florida 32618. To find us from Gainesville, head west on Archer Road and turn left onto 154th Street at the Jordan Glen School sign.

Our school day is 9:00am – 3:00pm. We follow our own independent calendar, but we tend to parallel the local public school calendar. Most of our school holidays are the same as the public school holidays.

Student-to-teacher ratio is 15 to 1 on average. Parent volunteers frequently provide additional assistance with small reading and math groups, lunchtime supervision, and a variety of afternoon electives classes.

Jordan Glen now starts with Kindergarten and continues through 8th grade. The classroom organization can vary depending on that year’s demographics. While ability levels often separate for instruction, our mixed-grade teaching philosophy and small family atmosphere allow students of different ages and grades to assist and mentor each other, e.g 5th – 8th grade history groups, and Reading Buddies between the middle schoolers and K-1 students.

Jordan Glen provides a strong foundation in the core academic subjects, including reading, math, social studies, science, and foreign language. For academics, children are grouped by age and ability and may move from one group to another in order to meet specific learning needs. Foreign language and basic academic subjects are taught in the morning, with diverse electives offered in the afternoon. Also integrated as a focus of our school curriculum are sports and other outdoor activities, as well as performing and fine arts.

Electives vary from year to year and may include activities such as sports, karaoke, African drumming and dance, nature exploration, pottery, ukulele, doo-wop, drama, tennis, swimming, sewing, computer programming, sushi making, basketball, chorus, gardening, Ping Pong, and Random Act of Kindness.

Currently there are no new teacher positions anticipated. You are welcome to send us a resume with your qualifications and experience for us to keep on file.

We no longer offer school bus service. We will be happy to help suggest a carpool option with another Jordan Glen family.

Jordan Glen typically offers an Aftercare Program on the school premises from 3:00 to 6:00 PM on school days. This program provides children with a safe and enjoyable place to be after school.

The majority of our graduates enroll in high school magnet programs, such as Eastside’s International Baccalaureate (I.B.) program, GHS’s Cambridge program, and P.K. Yonge’s Performing Arts program. Students also directly enroll in the various public and private high schools in Gainesville and the surrounding area. High school teachers adore their Jordan Glen students. Beyond that, our grads have ventured into practically every realm possible, pursuing their professional and personal interests with passion and positivity.

You may call Jordan Glen at 352-495-2728, or contact us online.

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