Summer Camp Overview

Summer Camp 2023

  • June 5th – Fri July 14th
  • For Children Entering Grades K-8
  • Limited Camper Spots Available

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40+ Summers and Counting…

Join us as we celebrate another festive summer camp season! Our camp is situated on 20 acres in a rural setting fifteen minutes outside Gainesville FL. The grounds include a large athletic field, swimming pool, tennis court, playground, woods, and a wide variety of plants and animals. Our air-conditioned facility has activity rooms, art deck, kitchen, and a piano that provide a friendly and informal atmosphere, as well as a multi-purpose room for large group and rainy day activities. 


Jordan Glen Summer Camp’s main objective is for each child to enjoy his or her time spent away from home by experiencing a wide variety of activities to challenge and enrich him or her. We seek to foster a healthy self-concept for each child in a caring and supportive atmosphere. Our competent staff will constantly strive to be responsive to each child’s individuality as well as to the group as a whole.


Diverse afternoon electives are offered each session. Campers have the opportunity to choose several of these activities which they especially enjoy and wish to pursue on a more in-depth level. 


Jordan Glen School & Summer Camp is located in a rural setting on twenty acres of playing fields, orchards, and woods. We are about ten minutes west of Gainesville and just east of the town of Archer.

Camp Activities

At summer camp we offer a wide range of activities that vary and change from year to year, session to session. We make sure to offer a variety of both outdoor and indoor activities, as well as ones for different interests and age groups.


Swimming, including instruction for the youngest camper groups, is held each day, weather permitting. All water activities are rigidly monitored by our certified lifeguard and camp staff. 

Arts & Crafts

Beading, tie dye, jewelry making, lanyards, macrame, puppetry, decoupage, wearable art, hair wraps, collage, doll making, quilting, friendship bracelets, sewing, knitting, paper craft, mosaic, weaving and basketry.


Soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, ping pong, field hockey, gatorball, track & field events, bocce ball, lacrosse, capture the flag, kickball, crab soccer, volleyball, flag football, table tennis, disc golf.


Campers have the opportunity to play a variety of roles in multiple performances including an end of camp talent show.

Nature Exploration

Located on 20 acres, campers spend time enjoying our beautiful outdoor spaces. 

...And More!

Archery, Cooking, Dance, Music, Talent Show, Treasure Hunts, Shuffleboard, Chess, Olympics, Skyball, Games, Carnival, Surprises!

Frequently Asked Questions

At Jordan Glen, we foster a healthy self-concept for each child in a caring and supportive atmosphere. We want campers to enjoy their time spent away from home through experiencing a variety of enriching activities—sports, art, dance, drama, nature—that they would not usually experience at home on a daily basis.

Most of our campers come from public and private schools in the greater Gainesville area. Others come from around the country and world, as Gainesville often receives summer visitors, for example, a parent who comes to work at UF and brings their family. Our campers and counselors have all different personality types and interests, and we all have fun together.

We have had campers and counselors from New York to California, as well as from far away places like Korea, Spain, France, Israel, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil.

There is no language requirement to attend camp. While the camp’s main spoken language is English, staff members have backgrounds in many other languages. Most of our activities are designed for a wide demographic and do not require specific language skills for the campers to participate and to enjoy them. Children with good socialization from home or school and who show respect in a group setting will do great.

Campers are typically between the ages of 5 – 14 years old. Because camp is a fun, tiring day, campers should be mature enough to be able to make many supervised transitions throughout the day. Our youngest campers are those entering Kindergarten or who are currently in PreK, while our oldest campers are children entering the 9th grade.

Counselor : Camper ratios vary depending on the age of the group of campers. In the youngest group there is approximately one counselor for every 4 or 5 campers. For the intermediate group there is generally one counselor for every 7 or 8 campers. With the oldest campers (ages 12-14), there is approximately one counselor for every dozen campers. Most groups also have one or two CITs (Counselor-In-Training) as support.

The camp day begins at 9:00am and ends at 2:30 P.M. There is no official before-camp or after-camp childcare option, but campers will be supervised if they need to hangout until 3P.M. Campers are welcome to arrive as early as 8:30 AM, and we would be glad to assist parents in making private childcare and transportation arrangements with camp counselors, which is quite common.

9:00 – 9:30 Morning Meeting

After the campers find their counselors and drop their belongings in their cubbies, the entire camp meets in our auditorium for Morning Meeting. Groups take turns leading the session, where we make announcements of the day’s craft projects and sports, weekly themes and events, and where we play games, learn dances, and sing camp songs.

9:30 – 12:00 Sports, Art, Tennis, Swimming, Group Time

Most camper groups experience all of these activities every morning. Junior campers usually do not go to tennis in the morning, but they can sign up for Beginning Tennis as an afternoon elective.

12:00 – 12:30 Lunch

Weather-permitting, we eat outside together at picnic tables in a semi-shaded area. Junior campers usually eat lunch at 11:30, a half hour before the rest of camp. On Fridays we usually eat together at noon.

12:30 – 2:15 Afternoon Electives

After lunch, each camper participates in two afternoon elective classes that meet throughout the session. Campers choose a total of four afternoon electives for the session. Elective schedules change each session and each season. After electives, groups do a quick camp cleanup, then pack up and go home.

2:15 – 2:30 Cleanup & Cool Down
2:30 – 3:00 Hangout & Go Home

Campers bring their lunches Monday through Thursday. Every Friday will be a Pizza, Cookout, or other special lunch that we provide, always with a vegetarian option.

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